Off Fifth early bird sale!

  1. depends on the store and the SA i think. the coupon says it is not combinable, but up to last year the Off Fifths in Leesburg and Camarillo let me combine coupons and discounts (even when the relevant coupon said it was not combinable with other offers). however, the last couple of times I tried this at Leesburg, they wouldn't let me...
  2. No you can't combine

    Offers are not additional discounts and cannot be combined with promotions advertised in-store on Saturday, December 8, 2007 and Sunday, December 9, 2007

    Or at least thats what I think it means.

    Thank you for the coupon. :tup:
  3. ok I just called and asked. She paused before saying no, so maybe there is nothing set in stone that says you cant and she was just assuming.
  4. Are there any promotions for Sunday? Or coupons I could print out to take..? That's the only day I can make it =(.
  5. Sakes off has some linea Pelle Dylan double handle mark down for $160 and Dylan large messenger for $140, with the 20% entire purchase, and extra 10% if you open up a Saks master card, it's about $100 for messenger, and $110 for the double handle
  6. Where can I get the 20% off coupon?
  7. I'm wondering about the 20% off coupon also...are you sure it's not expired?
  8. If you guys are interested. I"ll email you the link. Please post your emails on here as I'm not willing to b/c of spam....also..use some kind of email that you don't normally use b/c it may get flooded by spam later.