Off Fifth and Nordstroms Off the Rack

  1. I decided to take a trip out to LI today to check out these stores after reading posts about girls who found some awesome deals there... and I was SOOOO disappointed. They had absolutely NOTHING. There were a bunch of Coach and LAMB bags (not a fan, unfortunately) and that's about it. It was so disappointing! :tdown:
  2. I NEVER find anything good there. Very rarely they'll have one or two MJ bags that I still find to be overpriced for what they are.
  3. I was hoping to find atleast a Linea Pelle bag, but instead I walked out empty-handed after driving for almost an hour.
  4. Yep, I went today and there was NUTHIN. Sometimes they have great stuff but not much today.
  5. I rarely see MJ bags at these stores in my area. I think you have to get there on the day the boxes are opened or you are out of luck. I have only purchased one MJ bag at Off 5th (Lavender Large Selma). I wish they had more. It seems like NM Last Call gets them more often, but I don't have a NMLC nearby.