Off Fifth 25% Off Coupon - Specific Dates/Times

  1. I thought I'd share this here. Note the dates/times.

    Happy Shopping!
  2. Thank you!
  3. Thanks Dawn!
  4. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving and shopping!
  5. oops, it says "Entire email must be printed and presented to be valid."
  6. Taisia, I used a similar coupon at Off Fifth a few weeks ago and they took it with no problems. :yahoo:
  7. Thanks Dawn!!
  8. Just to the coupon only valid at the Off Saks listed? I assume so but am really hoping one of you says you can use it elsewhere.
    Here's to wishful thinking.:wondering

  9. Marymoon,

    I believe that it is valid at all Off Fifth stores and they just listed the stores that will open on Midnight.

  10. Dawn
    Thanks so much!!
  11. Thank You!!!
  12. Thanks!! Time to go do some xmas shopping for ME !!!!!
  13. also only specific locations :/
  14. i cant click ont hat link. whats going on?!
  15. Thank you for the coupon! I LOVE it!