Off 5th Updates

  1. I have one sa at off 5th that i love!!! I just met her and she is so the coolest!
  2. I have a good one too. She even gives me extra LAMB boxes when I buy something. :tup:

  3. Really???? Cool!! :tup:
  4. She says that all the other sa's forget to give out the boxes and bags, so she offers them up every time I venture out. I thought that was pretty nice. She knows I'm a LAMB freak though. :wtf:
  5. She knows a freak when she sees one huh?! lol

    She recognizes!! hahaha
  6. She definitely does! She's super sweet, and she ALWAYS comments on my bags when I come in. :okay:
  7. ^ Maybe she's got a crush... :kiss:.... lol!
  8. Oooo maybe it's a LAMBIE LOVE CRUSH :heart: You could use that to your advantage...additional discount maybe??:graucho:
  9. ^ OOOH discount!! :nuts:
  10. I'm not ashamed to admit it...I'm not above using my feminine charms to get what I want. Even if she is a beast. A sweet beast though. LMAO!!!

  11. I feel you miss n... I feel you! lol. Hey, what else are the "ladies' there for if not to help out???! It's the american way damn it! hahaha! :graucho:

  12. I just read that part!! LOL!( How the funk did I miss that?!)

    You do what you have to miss n..... sometimes it's not pretty but... you just get out there and do your thang! LMAO!
  13. Love this thread! Thanks Yvonne!

    And yes, pictures please if possible!
    [​IMG] hehe.
  14. Oh, I didn't even know Off 5th kept the boxes!

  15. ^ I always get my stuff in boxes there. It's just the wallets, cosmetic bags, and key pouches of course. I wish the bags had boxes too! That would be sweet!