Off 5th Sale

  1. I'm not sure how long it's going on for, but when I was at Off 5th yesterday, I saw that they're offering an additional 20% off all purchases. Because Outerwear is currently 30% off + the 20% discount = 50% off the Off 5th price! I got a $500 (retail) Theory jacket for $125! :okay:
  2. I saw that as well yesterday when I went in. Neimans was doing the same thing as well.
  3. do you think it will still be 20% off on saturday?
    im going to the north georgia outlets and the off 5th there
  4. ^^Yes, the latest email I got from them says the additional 20% off your purchase ends Jan. 1st.
  5. There is an additional 25% off Saturday morning b/w 9-11.