off 5th sale/" Just In: $100 Million in New Deliveries from Saks"

  1. Wow, thanks! 30% off total order, huh? Definitely have to make a trip there this week.
  2. ditto!
  3. "Offer excludes shoes, handbag, accessories" :crybaby:
    The sale is probably already pretty good though
  4. [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]*This offer is an advertisment for the in-store promotion and is not combinable with discounts promoted in-store.

  5. I got the email today and I was super excited because I was there last weekend and they had something I wanted but.......

    it is and addional 30% of merchandise already reduced, is not one of those take 30% off one item coupon, it sucks. :sad:

  6. Darn fine print.
  7. The Off 5th in Wrentham is the WORST. They don't honor any coupons, ever!! (or so it seems)
  8. Anyone went?
  9. I didn't see any additional items.Mostly the regular stuff with a couple new things here and there. Nothing substantial at mine.
  10. Nice!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  11. so the 30% is off in the store? no coupon needed?
  12. yup!!
  13. boooooooooooooo! That's lame.
  14. Thanks! I'll go and check it out!