Off 5th Saks Fifth Ave. Outlet: Additional 25% just reduced and clearance, thru 8/4

  1. The sales that keep on selling. Have fun everyone. :drool:
  2. awesome, I could use more true religion jeans.
  3. yay! thanks for posting this. i'm going across the border to Off Sakes tomorrow. :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for posting. I will have to stop by there tonight!
  5. Thanks so much!
  6. I just got the most amazin Elie Tahari suede jacket at Off Saks. Marked down to $220, with the coupon, from $898.
  7. Do we bring this coupon to the store (there's no bar code) or is it just in-store for everyone? Thanks!
  8. ^^ For everyone, its not a coupon, just a notice.

    I SO want to go this'll be August 4th..maybe I can make it! :p
  9. I'm gonna have to stop by's Tax-Free weekend here in GA!:graucho:
  10. tax free would be so nice we pay 7.75 in cali :sad:
  11. Yes, this OFF 5TH really tries to get rid of stuff. SALE after SALE - Coupons after Coupons..... WOW
  12. Man, I wish I had the time to go! ><
  13. I am stopping by there tomorrow. Last week when I bought a handbag, I received a coupon for $10.00 off $50.00 or more. I need to get some new jeans as well.

    Maybe I will have luck in the shoe department, however the one I go to lacks in that area.

    ETA: I have a different coupon for shoes. Will post in a sec.
  14. Ok here it is:

  15. ^Sweeeet!!! I actually saw some manolo's at Saks in Milpitas and some Coach shoes this past weekend but couldn't bring myself to purchase them - This is sooo the convincing i needed