Off 5th Kooba etc

  1. Today when I got to Off 5th in San Diego they were putting a bunch of new bags out. They had several Koobas -- Lena in bark and honey for $379 Sienna cream smooth leather $349; also some nice Isabella Fiore bags as well as the usual Michael Kors, etc. Plus they have additional 20% off coupons given out at door and 25% online coupon, bringing the Koobas to under $300.
  2. That's an incredible deal for anyone who nabs those Koobas. Especially the cream Siennas which are quite rare! Thanks for posting! :yes:
  3. Yes, I thought those bags might be something for someone to re-sell on eBay....but I don't do that. The one Isabella Fiore bag they had tempted me. It was smaller and lighter than her usual and didn't have a lot of embellishments...nice soft leather. But I stopped myself as I just bought a bag last week and this one was a bit too small. Maybe I should take a break from shopping.
  4. Does anyone know when Saks Off 5th and Nordies Rack puts out new purses on sale? Is it random or a certain day of the week? If I call the stores, will they tell me or will they play dumb? TIA:smile: