Off 5th Kooba deals

  1. I went to the Off 5th at Potomac Mills last night. OH MY. I immediately fell in love with the black Natalia and the Berry Red Kendall.:nuts:

    Regular Prices:
    Berry Red Kendall - $595.00
    Black Natalia - $535.00

    Off 5th Prices:
    Kendall - $279.99
    Natalia - $249.99

    Final Price:
    Kendall - $201.99
    Natalia - $179.99

    They were running a 20% special and I applied for a Saks card so I got another 10% off! I was trying to decide between the two bags but the (smart) SA said, "You need to get both because you will get 30% off!" I was immediately sold on both. :yahoo:

    They had another berry Kendall and some other Kooba styles (from $249.99-$299.99) but I don't remember the style names. They also had some gorgeous Prada bags, a few MJ bags, more Coach than I've seen in a while, Kate Spade, etc.

    I am so excited but I am seriously banned from any more bags this year.
  2. You're close to Arundel Mills Mall just north of DC. The Off Saks have an entire other selection of Kooba- about 20 different purses. Mostly black and brown, but they also have Green Kendalls.
  3. Shhhhhhh! Ckasper! No more purses for me!!!! hehehee
  4. gosh, I miss Sacramento now......
  5. I was up at Arundel Mills about a week ago and they did have a lot of Koobas! I was very excited but a little disappointed wit the styles they had :sad: They had the Nisha, Sarah, and Claudia from what I remember. Like a pp said, mostly just black and brown. I think my fave of the ones their was the black Claudia. They also had MJ, Cynthia Rowley, a few Coach, and some others....also a terrible copy of th Aaneta Cleopatra made by ABS. LOL
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