Off 5th has fish/coral wristlets

  1. Pattern from Resort 06 I think, with khaki signature fabric, suede trim. and clown fish/coral applique.

    Price was $50 I think - And don't forget to check Deals & Steals for coupons!
  2. I picked one of these up back in March from Off 5th. It looked very cute at the beach wedding I was at last weekend, very appropriate.
  3. I picked mine up at TJ Maxx for $39!
  4. ^^^^ Hard to beat that! -
    For some reason the Off 5th in Folsom, CA just recvd a bundle of them.
  5. Thre was a guy selling these on craigslist for $30...i got him down to and both daughters got one (hey for that price lol) and i got my sis in law one and my mom one for mother's day as well as a friend who has done me favors and 5 of my friends got one. I can't help wondering if a bunch of them were stolen off a truck or something though :sad:
  6. thanks for that info guys im going to Off 5th tomorrow.
  7. Post a pictures, please.
  8. thanks for the info
  9. Super cheap- I can never find coach cheap at tj maxx-only at the outlets
  10. i want that still but i don't have one those here in ct..

  11. Yes we do, it's at the clinton outlets. It's the Saks outlet.