Off 5th - Additional 40% - Starting 2/4 to 2/10

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  1. I have just received this email notification. Mark your calendar if you are near Off 5th.

    Direct from Saks - Special Delivery
    Wednesday, February 4th to Tuesday, February 10

    Take an additional 40% off women's ready-to-wear direct from Saks

    Take an additional 20% off all other merchandise throughout the store
  2. What is women's ready to wear direct? Is that jeans?
  3. This is in-store only.....? You don't need an email or card or anything?
  4. I received a presale notice of this sale, and went to the Off Fifth at the Block in Orange. Women's ready to wear covers clothing from Akris, Giorgio Armani, Miu Miu, Prada, Piazza Sempione, St John, etc. It does not extend to contemporary brands, but I guess that would be 20% off.
  5. And here I thought I was on a shopping Thanks for the info!!

  6. No, you don't need a coupon.
  7. Does it include handbags?? did you happen to see any handbags at the block?
  8. I saw some Prada and Lamb bags at my Off 5th (Houston). I did not see any clothes from Saks yet, just the normal Off 5th clothes. The last time they have this sale, they didn't put it out until after the weekend. I believed that the handbags and shoes are only 20%.
  9. thanks!
  10. I always check out the handbags :graucho: They didn't have anything new. They have a few MJ bags- the same quilted ones (but not the stam) that have been there. They had lots of Tory Burch and then your usual Betsey Johnson, Perlina, etc. Nothing special.
  11. Ive only been to The Block Off 5th like once, and didnt see any good bags, to they ever ever get any good bags do you know?
  12. 2 years ago during the same sales event I got a Chanel tote bag there ... that was just pure luck. They had just carry it out from the back and I stopped the SA and got it. Last year I saw some Gucci bags and a lot of Prada bags.
  13. I probably visit the Off Fifth at the block once every two or three months. I've seen Gucci, YSL, MJ, Prada, Kooba, and Botkier. With Prada, they were all nylon bags, but they did get marked down pretty significantly. From what I can tell, they usually start the Off Fifth price about 35 to 45% off retail. Not bad, but seeing as that they had 70% off in the main store....
  14. bags were not included in the extra 40% off at the minneapolis off 5th - only designers clothes will be an extra 40% off. They had a lot of new clothes from saks though (prada, dolce, chloe, armani, marc jacobs, akris, marni, and others)
  15. sorry, but may i ask what The Block Off Fifth is? is this a particular location? it sounds like it carries a lot of high end bags. thank you for your help.