Off 5TH Additional 10% Off Sale Bags & Shoes

  1. of course they have this sale after i just bought an MJ bag there this weekend!
  2. Thanks; my husband just got me a Saks gift card for Valentine's Day - I'll be heading there this weekend with this coupon! :smile:
  3. I am on the wrong island to learn these things!

    I make BF take me to the Waikele outlet on Oahu when I go visit him & they've got an Off 5th there... even if I wind up not getting anything, I have the best time browsing!

    But that coupon is so misleading... combined 30% off?

    $1000 - 30% off = $700, right?

    ------But 20% off with an additional 10%? ---

    $1000 - 20% off = $800

    $800- 10% off= $720


    It's only $20... but that $20 could've bought me lunch!
  4. Thanks for the coupon! I probably didn't get the best deal out there, considering this is last year's bag... but I was still happy to bring home my new Kooba Lucy tonight for $200! :smile:
    Picture 3.jpg
  5. thanks so much for the extra 10% off the already 20% off. I used it to buy a Kooba Braeden in black, a great oversized hobo, one I will use alot.

    Keep posting those deals and steals, we really use them!
  6. Thanks so much!
  7. thanks kindly...there may be some Kooba's left that I can snag for a deal!
  8. Thanks so much for the coupon.. I was extremely happy to get the Kooba Lucy for $200 :smile:
  9. Thanks for the coupon! Got a Juicy Couture Black Calfskin bag for $193 with taxes!!!!
  10. not fair not fair! I hate living in Canada!
  11. technically, 20% + an additional 10% is NOT 30%, but the cashier took off 30% for me. :nuts: i got amazing leather boots for $117..marked down from an original $495! :wlae: thanks for the coupon ladies! btw..didn't see that great of a selection of bags at the camarillo outlets, just an fyi.
  12. She did the same for me but then she realized it was wrong!! WAAAAAH! But I got a deal still-- $425 to $187 is not bad at all! The Off 5th at the Jersey Gardens has a decent selection of bags if anybody is thinking of swinging by. :smile:
  13. Thanks "gee" you so just saved me a trip... I was reading all the posts thinking... hmmmmmm maybe I'll run up there today's the last day and all... then I saw your comment on the bag selection. Whew. :sweatdrop: I can get back to work now!

    Thank you! :yes:
  14. That explains why i didn't find anything i liked on saturday. i did get a pair of missoni sunglasses.

    Hilda :smile: