Off 5th - 30% off coupon

  1. Hi ALL,

    I got this email this morning..

    30% off any one item from Oct 31 - Nov. 4th...

    email me if you're interested....

    *** Sorry... someone has posted this already!!! ****
  2. Is there a barcode or anything that we are supposed to print out?
    Thanks for the coupon!
  3. hmmm I also want to know. Do we just hand it to the cashier like that?
  4. Which store is this for?
  5. thanks! got a pair of antiks for 38 bucks! lol
  6. latest obsession<!-- google_ad_section_end --><SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_4302672", true); </SCRIPT> - yes if you print the entire email there's a barcode at the bottom where the cashier will scan it for the deduction... email or pm me if you want me to send it to you
  7. you have to print the entire email with the coupon.. then yes you hand it over to the cashier..