of your lvs, which ones do you NEED and why?

  1. i need my agenda and everyday purse, now a noe. how about you?
  2. I NEED my Keepall. I take it on every trip. It's actually the only piece of luggage I own right now because most of our trips are weekend jaunts- when I went on my honeymoon, I had to borrow my mom's luggage set!
  3. I need a Noe because I can't carry both purse and tote bag at one time.
  4. my koala agenda and Sonatine, i love the patina, shape and it's just the right size to fit what i need w/o over load :smile:
  5. I NEED my speedy because the other 14 million handbags in my closet just don't cut it. ;)
  6. I need my Koala wallet - it's one of the best set up wallets that I've ever had, and I need my black Epi Alma with the shoulder strap, it's the perfect business/function bag. It holds tons without looking like a briefcase.
  7. I need my Denim Speedy... it looks great w/ 90 % of my wardrobe, has the perfect size and is just gorgeous :love:
  8. I need my damier geant messenger.
  9. I NEED my LV wallet (as it has my life in it!) and I can't live without my mono Petit Noe either.
  10. i need my zippy groom wallet and my agenda. i ADORE my damier speedy 30
  11. I need my wallet and cles. Practical and can't live without those!

    For a bag...I'd say the pochette accessories which works as both a clutch and a cosmetic pouch.

    I don't say bags because I know that changes time and again. :shame:
  12. Right this minute I need my new red vernis pochette wallet and my red epi petit noe--we go everywhere together! ha!
  13. i need my chelsea (gotta be able to carry stuff for class, and still be stylish).
    i need all of my cles'...no reason, i just do!
  14. I guess I need my perfo zippe compact because that's my wallet.
  15. I need my groom wallet & accessories pouch- they move easily from bag to bag- I do love my denim pm baggy the most, but transfer to my epi speedy in bad weather.