Of these 3, which would you sell?

Which one would you sell?

  • Daily Pouch Pink

  • Neverfull Pouch DA

  • Neverfull Pouch DE

  • Just keep them all

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Dec 18, 2015
I've been thinking of selling one of these three but I can't make a decision.

The reason why I decided to sell is because they ultimately serve the same purpose. Besides, I could use the money to purchase something different.

I use the Neverfull Pouch when I do a quick run to the store (phone, wallet, cards, and keys) or when I go for lunch breaks. I grab the DE in Spring/Summer and DA in Fall/Winter. But I started questioning myself whether I really need both.

I use the Daily Pouch when I need an additional item such as a small umbrella or sunglasses. It can also fit a larger iPad and a notebook. If I need to to go the store to get small items such as medicines or tampons, this is my to go. But I also have this in black, which I'm keeping. I purchased the pink because I wanted a light color for summer.


Feb 3, 2014
I would sell the pink daily pouch if you already have the black one.

If you use both neverfull pouches a lot I wouldn’t sell either as you might regret it down the line x