Of the pills you take in the morning . . .

  1. How many do you have to take and how many do you choose to take?

    (And for privacy's sake, you don't have to say what they are and what they do if you don't want to.)

    There's one, no matter what, I have to take.
    Then there are some that I don't necessarily 'have' to take, but I feel better about taking them:
    2 One A Days
    2 Vitamin D pills
    3 Calcium chews

    I don't eat that many fruits and vegetables, so the pills make up for the nutrients I don't normally otherwise get.
    (Also, I don't much like the sun. I don't have the skin for it, so the Vitamin D makes it so I don't have to go out into the sun).
  2. I take 2 pills for blood pressure, 1 to help quit smoking, 1 multi-vit
  3. I take a multi and a stress b complex.
  4. Multi vitamin
    extra B complex
    extra C complex
    zinc (sometimes)
    Motrin if I have cramps
  5. I know it's really none of my business what pills you chose to take, but I just wanted to let you know that this sounds like an awful lot of vitamin D to me. I would imagine that the multi-vitamins and the calcium chews both contain vitamin D and you are taking 2 additional vitamin D pills on top of that?

    The daily recommended dose of vitamin D is 400IU per day, as far as I know. I would just be careful taking all this, as vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin with a long half-life, meaning excess amounts in the body are not just excreted like some other vitamins and it is possible to overdose on vitamin D.

    Just wanted to pass along the info, in case you weren't aware...
  6. A One A Day Women's Multivitamin w/ Calcium~ That's it!
  7. Once a day multi.
    I'd like to take more... I got back on my omega 3-6-9 just yesterday.
  8. "Tissue Rejuventator" by E-Caps (4 of them)
    Basically it's Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate (with some other crap thrown in) for tissue recovery;)

    (As a long distance triathlete I do a lot of pounding on my joints)