Of the four tiffanys goodies i got today, the waterbottle was my fav!!

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  1. I LOVE TIFFANYS WATER BOTTLE!! it is soooooooooo darn cute!!!

    Have you guys seen it? am i just late?? haha i dont have a LOT of tiffanys pieces maybe three or four braclets and the goodies i got today so i guess im not a vip? i dont know but i love the waterbottle i got today!!!

    check out my goodies! (AND THE BOTTLE THAT IM SAVING haha)

    1. the water bottle
    2. a bookmark for my gucci planner
    3. black onyx toggle braclet
    4. pen for my gucci planner
    5. scarf for my LV purse

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  2. oh yeah...sorry for the crappy pics! They are from my phone hehe :smile:

    here are a few more!!

    The bottle again and how the scarf looks on my purse!


    btw, the street sign on the bottle says "Tiffany & Company"

    hehe SO CUTE!

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  3. Awesome purchases! Looks like you had a great day and the water bottle is cute, I agree!
  4. That bottle is too cute, I'd keep it too. Did you have to buy it?
  5. Cool, I've never seen those Tiffany water bottles before! Very Cute. Love your purchases - you have very good taste :smile: The scarf looks great on your LV too -the more I see it the more I want it!!!
  6. Cute water bottle! And I love your onyx bracelet!!!
  7. I think those waterbottles might be new...I haven't seen them before. So cute!
  8. Cute water bottle... :smile: Are they being handed out? I love your purchases! Do you mind modeling the bracelet?
  9. thanks guys! I love everything too and ill try to take a pic of me modeling the braclet later on tonight! :smile:

    and the waterbottle...i dont know if they are new but my SA just came out with it! She's like just in case u were thirsty!! I didnt think of it much at first, but then when i got outside i looked at the pic on it and i was like OMG wow how cute....

    haha i dont know if its new...it might be, i just figured ive never bought enough to get water bottles haha

    butttttttttt just fyi, yes i kept it!! We drank one and kept one...i actually think its a cute little size so i might keep the empty one to fill up and keep in my purse...i know its ghetto but the my large bottles get so darn heavy!!! :smile: I'm a water bottle freak haha my fridge has no food but 3 different kinds of bottled water haha my bf says it looks like a convience store haha

  10. i LOVE the scarf!
    does anybody know if they are available in canada?
    i can't find them on the site.

    edit: read the other thread - 65$ cdn =)
  11. Love all your new goodies! I would keep the bottle & reuse it too, it's quite cute!
  12. Love all of your goodies!
  13. congrats!
  14. thankssssssssss...btw the waterbottle was free ;)
  15. i love how the scarf looks on ur LV....it's so cute :smile: