Of sentimental value....


Dec 19, 2011
A small dot
What would you do to your valuable pieces when its not possible to repair? I had a wallet for 9 years which was my very first LV. Its of great sentimental value to me. Today I took it to the store and see if they can re-stitch it as my wallet is quite worn. :P SA told me there is nothing they can do. But gave me an idea which I thought why not as I wont be selling it or worse dump it.
And yes! I hotstamp my wallet. I am glad I did it. Its free too but I need to wait 2 hours for it to be done. While waiting I went into frenzy again, and that i will reveal in my pictorial thread. :P
And now for the before and after pics.



Feb 9, 2010
Alberta, Canada
Ahh nice.. Congrats, I like that they offered it to you!!

your lucky they can do the hot stamping in the store, anything I want hot stamped has to be sent away for like 2 weeks..