% of Prada fakes on eBay?

  1. Hi everyone, I was just perusing Prada bags on eBay and found that there were so many goes for a good price in comparison to the actual retail. Are most of them fake? It's hard to tell with Prada's nylon and canvas versions because they are easily to copy. I guess I'm just a bit upset because i spent $1K on a bag this weekend and it seems to appear that I can get it much cheaper. What do you girls think? Should I trust most of these sellers or are most of them knockoffs?
  2. When it comes to Prada, about 90 percent of the bags are fake. What bag were you looking at? Can you link it. We can tell you for sure if it's fake or not.
  3. I actually haven't seen the bag on eBay that I bought (trying to look for it now!) Thanks--it makes me feel better that most are fake.
  4. You can tell the difference between real and fake Prada when it comes to leather for sure. The fakers can get the leather right. It always looks plasticy.
  5. Yes totally, but sometimes it's hard to tell from the pictures, esp. when it is nylon and lined in leather (or pleather!)
  6. Yeah true
  7. I dont trust Ebay for Pradas at all..They are soooo hard to tell.I agree that at least 90% on Ebay are probable fakes
  8. At least 90%- I only buy used Pradas :lol: Authenticity issues always seem to plague new ones.
  9. Oh, don't feel bad about it. *hugs* I'm sure you'll get more assurance purchasing from retail after hearing so much horror stories from ebay. Yea, some people DO get great ebay deals but it's really a gamble and LOTS and LOTS of research(on how to differentiate the authentic from the fake and the seller's background). Even with plenty of research, you might end up with a case of bait and switch. Too much hassle, if you ask me. So, enjoy your bag..! :supacool:
  10. Huge, huge amount of fakes on ebay. Prada is one of the worst brands for knock-off bags.