$ of Leather Brooke at Outlet

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  1. Does anyone know how much the leather Brookes are going for at the outlet right now? I really want one in eggplant :P
  2. I bought one yesterday at the Cypress outlet and it is style #14142, in eggplant, which is the small I guess. Did they make a larger one? Anyway, it was $200.48 plus tax and that included the 20% coupon that they were handing out at the door. I looked on Ebay and it appears that you may be able to get one there for a little cheaper. I am undecided about keeping this. I love the color, but I thought about returning it and buying one off of ebay for cheaper. I hate it when stuff is higher at the outlet and I didn't know at the time. Or, I may just return it all together. I do love the color, but undecided about the bag it's self.
  3. Thanks mafiamom! I wasn't a big fan of the brooke, but the eggplant color finally won me over and now I feel like I have to have it! Wish there were other bags in that color
  4. I feel the same way you do. I love the color, but not to fond of the bag. The bright brass hardware really pops too much on this bag for me. I bought a crossover type bag in patent back in December, which in an eggplant color and really love it. It is style #14079. I believe it might be called a Lexi, but not for sure. I think I will take my Brooke back this week. I have so many bags that I haven't used, including my purple Garnet. Good luck.:biggrin:
  5. I bought the small brooke in eggplant at dillards for $179.I have not used it yet but love it.
  6. Dillards at deerbrook has one small and one large eggplant brook 50% off. I almost bought it last week when they did their extra 30% off.. but I'd only be buying it bc it was so cheap.. The color is beautiful.

    I did buy the matching brooke zip around wallet in eggplant.. so pretty. At Macy's for $80
  7. Are you talking about the Inlaid Leather C Brooke 14339? If so, I have it in the plum color and I absolutely LOVE it. I bought it full price when it first came out and it broke my heart to see it at the Outlet recently for 70% off. I've never carried a bag until this one that got so many compliments, even from non-Coach people. I was a walking sales pitch for it in the Outlets as several people, including staff, stopped me to ask about it. I was tempted to buy it in the brown!
  8. I just got the large leather brooke in mahogany and I looooove it (it was a replacement for my frazzled Carly)
  9. Hi everyone! I just wanted to bump this up because I know the Brookes (pebbled leather ones) are hitting the outlets hopefully this week. If you start to see them please post prices, if they are in clearance or 30%, and what colors you see. I personally want a black pebbled leather one in the regular size. I'm in Cali so I'm going to start calling up my outlets this week. Thanks in advance for the info!

  10. I saw the brown leather one today - it was 30% off retail
  11. Saw leather Brookes at 50% clearance
  12. What's with the inconsistency? Maybe it's just specific colors and leather/signatures. WHen I called, they told me all the brookes were 50% off... I called an hour after one of my friends bought one and they told me that they didn't have any more. Apparently they FLEW off the shelves.
  13. There were four leather Brookes at my outlet (Pleasant Prairie, WI) on Wednesday 3/3: one regular cherry leather, two regular ivory patent and one large ivory patent.

    The regulars were $349.99 - 50% and 20% = $139.99 + tax, and the large was $449.99 - 50% and 20% = $179.99 + tax.

    When I returned today, all were gone except a regular ivory patent with a damage tag on it.
  14. at my outlet only white and inlaid where 50 % off, the rest only 30%
  15. Just got a regular cherry leather brooke at my outlet yesterday, it was $349.99 less 50% less 20% as one of the previous posters had, didn't see any other colors, just 3 cherry leather...