Of course: My day was a hobo

  1. Hi everybody!
    As already assumed, my order in Munich wasn´t quite what I thought it would be. The SA didn´t know the models and I got a hobo instead of a day. :tdown: It was a vert foncé with GSH. Now that I´ve seen the GH one the bag I´m not sure if I like it anymore. The olive color was very dark also. I sent it back. Because of this experience I´ve deciced to wait a little longer before buying my next bag. I´d like to see the colors IRL first. Maybe I´ll have a chance during my summer vacations. There is a chance we´ll go to southern France or Italy and I think I heard they have some interesting stores....:graucho::graucho:
  2. I'm sorry that happened, I've had experiences at department stores where I had to describe bags to them because they didn't know what I was talking about. One would think that they should know the names of the different styles since they deal with them everyday. Oh well...I hope your next purchase is more pleasant :smile:
  3. Ugh...sorry pelli ... but just think all the money you saved for when some more exciting colors come out! ;)
  4. This has happened to me multiple times so I feel your frusterations! I hope you find the perfect one during your vacation. Good-luck!
  5. ugh! that sucks..! :yucky:

    IMO it's better to get it only if u've seen the colour IRL before... even so, sometimes it still varies!

    you HAVE to visit the mother ship!!! :nuts: and thell us all about it!
  6. before they created the hobo, everyone called the Day either the Day or the Hobo.
    When the hobo came along there was a lot of confusion (well ok, not a lot, but some)
    I hope you find what you want!
  7. It's terrible to anticipate for something and then be let down in the end...but I believe everything happens for a reason and maybe it' because something better will come your way...
  8. Thanks for all your comforting words!

    fiatflux: You got the only point of it that I found to be positive: the money goes back to my account!! Yuhu!

    diana12457: I hope you´re right!! Thanks!
  9. Ohhh Pelli...I'm so sad to hear that everything didn't turn out to be :heart:...and that it was the wrong style too. It sounds like you'll be going on a great vacation soon. There's nothing like finding a bbag IRL , I would imagine. Good Luck on your search!