of all the pointless things to buy...

  1. i must say, i was playing with this in the store and i'm mildly tempted to buy it.

    Coach - LEVEL KEYFOB

    coach seems to have lots of pointless things that people like me will buy one night in a drunken stupor (coincidence that it's mostly guy stuff? i think not).

    so what's the thing YOU want that has zero point to it?!
  2. [​IMG]

    legacy stripe folding umbrella. I don't need a $88 umbrella, but it is soo cute!
  3. funny you mention that...i want that SO badly...no one here has cute umbrellas!
  4. i lauged so hard when i saw the level key fob...but then i realized wait coach put out measuring tape so they needed to put out a matching level --> home projects need to be fashionable too.
  5. Next thing you know there will be Coach hammers with signature handles. *L*
  6. we had this thread before...i think we all decided that coach should put out girly tool sets- who says home improvement shouldn't have a bit of flair to it?!
  7. I don't think the measuring tape is pointless...I knit and its always in my knitting bag! And when I'm looking at furniture I have it with me to measure what I'm seeing.
  8. I think all of these could be functional, I could use the measuring tape when I'm buying things unseen and can't visualize the size in my head. And I'm always borrowing a flashlight. I should have bought the swiss army knife with the little flashlight instead of one without. Now thats essential!
  9. Is it bad that I'm planning on buying it? :shame: :roflmfao:
  10. maybe i should specify...each item isn't pointless (they're actually quite useless)...but would it be totally necessarily to buy a coach version of it?

    and, of course, that answer is YES! :graucho:
  11. hmmmm...the mini-flashlight I keep in my bag came from my other love, Target, and only cost me $8.

    even I have to draw the line somewhere! LOL!
  12. are you an architect?
  13. no, but i play one on tv...
  14. its not about need, it's want.