Of all the places in the apartment...

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  1. ...of course my cat cuddles up to my bags! Pinnacle Carrie on left and Walnut Ashlyn on right. Gigantic cat in front.

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  2. My kittens do the same thing! I tend to think they just have excellent taste.:lol:
  3. And your bags are gorgeous! Your cat is pretty cute to. Is the cat excluded from the PCE?
  4. Aww...that's so cute. Kitty likes bags too.
  5. My Lab does that with either my purse or my husband's backpack. She knows if one of us picks it up, we are going someplace in the car and she does not want to get left behind.
  6. I wonder sometimes if pets can sense what's important and special to us. Maybe your cat knows how much you love your bags and loves them, too. I used to have a very loving cat I called Suzette. ( I ended up being allergic to her but couldn't bear to take her back to the pet store.) She hated it when we went on vacation and used to lay down in the suitcase while we were packing.

    Thanks for sharing that pic. So precious! ;)
  7. Lol, adorable...I wish I could let my bags hang around like that without being scared for them, my cats are likely to gnaw the straps to pieces. :-s
  8. My cat loves my Coach leather bags too. I own a lot of bags but he gravitates towards Coach.....

    Your cat is adorable!