Odyssey or Outdoor

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  1. I have a store credit and really want a mono eclipse bag. I don’t own a single black bag. I thought for sure I would get the Odyssey PM but when I saw it in person I thought it was too big. The Outdoor is the perfect size but I’m not sure if it’s too manly. I’m a 5’4” female and pretty girly. What do you think? DE44EF22-7DD8-4C03-92D3-FD59CF14ACFB.png D5594D5F-5D07-4A8D-B238-0B2F715B63A8.png
  2. I wouldn’t call them manly, but I would say they are both very casual/sporty. Good luck picking!
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  3. Hi. I am the same height and got the outdoor. I thought I wanted the odyssey but it did look more manly on me. I loved the strap on the outdoor and have gotten a number of compliments when I have carried it. Try on both if you can.
  4. For Outdoor, it has more designs for you to choose.
  5. I am in a similar situation and really want a black eclipse bag. I tried some on in store but my DH said they look too sporty and manly on me. I decided to get a black empreinte bag instead. But still like those black eclipse...
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  6. Which bag did you end up buying?
  7. The odyssey would be perfect if it was just a few inches smaller.
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  8. Why can't they make women's handbags in the Eclipse canvas? It's frustrating. Why is it only restricted to the men's line? I'm petite and the men's messenger bags look too big on me. I would love for LV to get with the times and make more bags for women in this canvas print! We are in 2020 now...
  9. I‘m going to order the V Tote bb in black empreinte. I was debating between this and Pochette metis in black but I prefer the top zipper. And both are better in terms of size and fit better to me.
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