Odor problem in feminine areas!

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  1. Hi girls,
    Yesterday my boyfriend told me that I have odor problem, I shocked!!! Then I checked all my body parts and felt that I really have odor in some of my feminine areas. Now I am taking shower with good water pressure but it does not affect. Does anyone have any idea that what should I do? Thanks!
  2. My friend had something called bacterial vaginosis which causes a bad odor in the feminine area. She said her dr told her that it is caused by an imbalence of good and bad bacteria in the uterus. You need to go and speak with your dr, there are meds for it to help it clear up.
  3. Definitely make a doctor's appointment and they may be able to give you something to take care of it quickly. Tell them you think you might have an infection as there is a strong odor and they may get you a quicker appointment.
  4. some years ago (about 4) I had this problem, so I went to my Gyn and he suggested I take acidophilus pill once a day. I ran to Whole Foods, picked up a bottle and haven't had the problem since or even a yeast infection. It's the friendly bacteria we need, unlike the vaginosis, which is the unfriendly bacteria.

    Also, try eating yogurt with live active culture.
  5. Go to the doc.
  6. Have you ever tried a feminine wash. Maybe that will help and if not then go to the Gyn and see what they suggest.
  7. you shouldn't have to use any wash, if something doesn't smell right, go see your doc....did you leave a tampon inside by accident? Either way, your doc will help you
  8. a wash is for external use and only temporary. This is coming from within.
  9. Odor problem, see a doctor right away.
  10. Sounds like Bacterial Vaginosis to me.. go to the doctor
  11. do you notice any discharge or a smell on your underwear?

    theres a natural smell and a unnatural smell... you should ask you bf when he started noticing it because if i started smelling strange down there, I would be the first person to notice!
  12. see your doctor. this is not the type of thing to ignore.
  13. Yes, see your doctor and be careful about using 'feminine' wash products because some of them can make the problem worse due to the ingredients they use to make them smell good. Wishing you all the best!
  14. ummm... :dftt: ???

    Just seems weired to post this as a first post, esp in The Beauty Bar.
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