Odeon MM? Thoughts?

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  1. I am considering buying a preloved Odeon MM in mint condition. It comes with the box, receipt, dustbag etc. But now the big question. I own a neverfull MM and several SLG. I am 23 years old. Do you guys think that this bag is a nice bag for a young student or is it more for "older" women? ( sorry don't know the right word haha no offense ) I include a pic!
  2. Here is a picture!

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  3. I think she is a cutie! I would carry it, and having this will add some variety to your collection.
  4. I think its a great cross body bag for any woman. Got for it!!
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    Hello! I love, love, love my Odeon!!!! I have the PM and honestly, it looks like the same size as the one in the pic. The MM is much bigger than the one you posted. Not sure if you care or not....

    Anyway, I am 39 and do not think this style looks "old" at all. It's right in style! I' don't think of this as any older or younger than the look of the Neverfull MM which you already own. Very comfortable to carry, super convenient with the outside pocket (I put my phone and keys in it) and zipper top so you never have to take the bag off of your body to access your things. You can access items easily with one hand. This is the perfect crossbody bag. I highly recommend it! Here is a modeling pic.

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    I get what you mean. I don't think it's old but I think it's kind of mature? Haha I can't word it either. It's a lovely bag but I feel as a 19 year old student that I wouldn't use it - just wouldn't suit me personally.However, the condition is fantastic and if it would work for your lifestyle, I'd get it.

    Should add, don't want to offend anyone!
  7. I think it's great for any age, there is a clubhouse for it with plenty of mod pic's of women of all ages. Check it out!
  8. I like this bag for a mono cross body. But my favorite is the bloomsbury. I think at 19 you could pull it off .
  9. i have the odeon mm and it's a great crossbody if you want to carry a little more than the bloomie or odeon pm will take. i got mine preloved and it is one of my very practical bags. not a show stopper but a great bag for day tripping, etc.
  10. I think this bag is great for anyone...I never considered it to look mature. It's a great crossbody bag...I have the pm and LOVE it!
  11. The Odeon is an adorable bag! When I was making my first LV purchase I wanted the GM soooo bad and when I finally went to get it I found out it was discontinued and I was completely heart broken. I wanted a bigger size so I went a completely different route but I think all 3 sizes are just awesome!
  12. I don't care for the Odeon, not my style. I was going to get a Bloomie but my husband didn't like it. Sheez! Ended up with the Besace Rosebery and it was a MIF. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393447204.987998.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393447222.032685.jpg
  13. That looks like the PM to me. LV doesn't make that many "true" crossbody bags, so I don't feel like the Odeon is for a particular age, it's about functionality. I've seen women of all ages with it.
  14. +1!!
    IMG, you are so right about Odeon. I bought Odeon pm because of your recommendation and picture!! I love Odeon. It is a great crossbody bag just like you say ;)
    Highly recommend.
  15. love it
    it os the perfect size for me
    even when I was in school it fit all my stuff