Scarves ODE to VOYAGE EN ETOFFES Cashmere GM!

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  1. here is another picture where you can see the white. i prefer creamy too, but trust me this scarf is soooo stunning you won't miss the creaminess.

    thank you parselymay for posting my etoffes! i love this scarf.
  2. This colorway is definitely gorgeous!!! I wish the border wasn't white though. I wear my shawls to work and I just don't think I can keep the white clean. Those colors would definitely work for me, though!:rolleyes:
  3. oooh that is lovely :heart: i hope they have it in the duty free the next time i fly :graucho:
  4. Here are a few pics of the Noir cw, my dog wouldn't move over, so I was dealing with limited space on my bed...




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  5. Here’s the background on the design per the H booklet: Carrés Stories, Spring-Summer 2009. I didn’t realize this was an Annie Faivre design. I should have figured it was, since I love her other designs so much.

    "The carré represents a series of regional dress, such as worn around the world. Batiks, ikats, indigos, embroideries, weaves, prints, etc. The different know-how, particular to each culture, the richness of the fabrics – silk, linen, cotton, hemp, etc. – and the variety of the patterns, uncannily common to some nations, create a profound harmony. Universal, costume art symbolises the desire of both men and women to look handsome. It also denotes many a creed. The choice of the fabrics and the patterns speak for themselves, brandishing social status, a religious message or a ritual signature. Forever timeless, yet classically fashionable."
  6. Beth, the black colorway is sooooo stunning!!!!!:heart:
  7. Here are a few more pictures of the black CW...
  8. [​IMG]
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    ^^ Did you already get it in this cw? I love the orange and white ones too!
  10. LuxuryinWichita: Thanks for posting those pics. Would you say that the predominant colors in the middle are oranges and red? TIA!
  11. No, not at all. This is truly a multi-color shawl!!! There is bright grass green, cobalt blue, rich purple, yellow, deep pink. The photos do not do it justice.
  12. Thankfully, the orange is on the way for me. I have blue, red, and black presently.:yahoo:
  13. [​IMG]

    OMG, this is beautiful! Thank you LinW and Bethc for sharing pictures of your black Voyage!
  14. Any chance we could get a modeling pic? :yes:
  15. OK! The verdict is in! The black is my favorite in this one! Thanks for posting it!!:heart: What's listed as the official colors on the tag?