Scarves ODE to VOYAGE EN ETOFFES Cashmere GM!

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  1. Is that the 90cm silk carré, La Van? It is beautiful! (I have one, too)

    My SA at FSH is supposed to be setting a GM cashmere one aside for me in the black, but I've never seen one yet. Does anybody know if it's the same colors as the regular carré?

    Kallie Girl, your orange one is to die for! And it goes so well with raisin!
  2. Ack- the PF is so bad for my wallet. This shawl is GORGEOUS!
  3. I love the orange cw, I was looking at the white, but I bought the Noir CW, the colors are really pretty!
  4. parsleyMay / MiaT - Mine is just the silk carre. I didn't read the title of this thread well enough that it's for the cashmere GM ... duh! :Push::wacko:
  5. :wlae::wlae:
    It's beautiful regardless of the fibre! :heart:
  6. The bakground is white. The blues are varied between the blue de prusse to a light blue and a little bit of olive in the kimonos.
  7. Can you post a picture. I live so far from an H store, many times I only have what is posted here to make my picks. This forum is so helpful. Normally I do not choose orange. When an SA says the predominant color is orange, I just automatically skip to the next color. It was only afer seeing Kallie's that I love the play of the aubergine in it. I had to have it to go with my raisin and prune.
  8. Kallie, that shawl is absolutely DEVINE!!!! Voyage is definately my favourite design for this coming season: I have the pink silk 90cm scarf, but I MUST get a shawl aswell. I don't think the colourways are the same, are they?? My store doesn't have the shawls yet.....:cursing:
  9. [​IMG]

    Never are just too much of an inspiration to us all!!! The scarf looks fab!!!:tup:
  10. ^ Thanks! Apparently, I'm not an inspiration to some, especially to this person who just left me a negative feedback in my blog (post Off to Andorra ... NOT) saying I have fugly shoes and an outrageously drab outfit (with my black box Kelly).

    ... at least give the Kelly some consideration lol!
  11. Definately, the Kelly deserves a shout out!!! Poor girl probably doesn't understand understated class.:tup:
  12. ^ totally! The Kelly needs respect! lol!
  13. Love this thread!
  14. i love the blue/white, i think i might need to get it :graucho:

    is the background a bright white or more creamy? i think i'd prefer creamy, but i guess i'll have to try it on when i see one irl!
  15. annanas, I'd say the background is sort of an eggshell color (as I recall). The blue colorway is so gorgeous that I was sorely tempted to buy it even though I never wear blue! :wtf:

    This picture from Doloresmia captures the color more accurately, I think:


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