Scarves ODE to VOYAGE EN ETOFFES Cashmere GM!

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  1. Yea!!!!! :tup::tup::tup:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Wow. I think that may be my favorite yet. And I LOVE the colorway.
  4. Thanks for posting KG and LIW! I tried on the silks and didn't like any on me but shawls are a different story! :drool: I've only seen the Rose Pale/Parme/Miel IRL. Love Doloresima's blue/white one!
  5. How did the Rose Pale look. I have it on order...sight unseen. I love rose and assumed I would love it.
  6. ^^ LIW, the rose pale was paler (!) than the pink in the Zodiaque and pinker (!) than the Boise Marwari shawl (if that makes any kind of sense!). Somewhere in between perhaps :shrugs:Sorry I can't be of more help! (Ms piggy is better at explaining colour tones!)

    I like the costume colours in the two shawls posted in this thread and on Doloresima's shawl more than on the Rose Pale.
  7. LIW: Thanks so very much for the photos!! :heart:

    It looks like the colors are cool tones ... do they look "cool" on your monitor? I can't wear cool tones and it looks like these may be ???
  8. Yes. They are cool tones. The red is what I would call a blue red.
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    Oh, thanks... that will save me from getting it and probably having to return it. One color I especially can't wear is a blue red. It just doesn't work for my coloring at all. Many thanks for the info!! That was soooo helpful!!!!
  10. Beautiful! Any chance for a modeling pic? I usually lean more towards the cool colors! TIA!!:heart:
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    I love blue reds! Can't wait to see this shawl IRL!
  12. OMG - i love the red one too. I'm on a mission to see them ALL now. Someone, anyone, please post more pics!
  13. Kallie Girl, LinW, those are gorgeous! I would love to see pics in black if anyone gets it. But hey, I would love to see more pics of any colorway!
  14. Wow~ these are such rich and vibrant colors~~~ Very NICE:tup:
  15. I can't find Doloresima's full length photo of her shawl but love this action shot!