Ode to Tiffany Aria

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  1. Blah day at work and wanted to just share a little with my fellow jewel fanatics :hugs:

    Ok, so because I have weddings on the brain atm (my brother is getting married next year and my fiance and I haven't set a date yet but can't help thinking about this stuff :biggrin: ) I have been indulging in very minor daydreams.

    Not about the dress. Come on, we all know what we ladies are really thinking about :P

    Wedding jewellery!!!!

    I have the e-ring which is fabulous. And I haven't totally decided but am reasonably set on two micropave diamond eternity bands from Bluenile (probably, but my fiance might get my local jeweller to make them) for my wedding ring(s).

    But what to wear on the day itself? Naturally I got to browsing on T&Co (stop giggling, I know you all do it too! :P) And ladies, I have fallen in love with Tiffany Aria.

    It was the necklace that caught my eye - a spectacular piece, utterly covetable. As I explored more, I found the earrings to be ideal for a bride.

    Should I win the lottery between now and the big day, these are definitely in contention:



    Although in practical terms the earrings with the matching bracelet might work better :graucho:


    How insanely gorgeous is this collection??? :love:
  2. Bitten - congrats on your upcoming day and yes, i reckon we all browse T&Co for inspiration...Beautiful collection btw...
    How detailed will the bodice on your dress be? That might determine whether you wear a necklace at all as you may not want to compete with that.
    Will your hair be down or up to allow the earrings to be seen?
    So, e-ring/wedding bands on one hand and bracelet on the other hand?
  3. Love those pieces !! Any of them would be stunning !!
  4. Getting married this December and it was a toss up between the Tiffany Aria earrings and bracelet or Mikimoto. In the end, we went with Mikimoto but I still adore the Tiffany set!
  5. That necklace is BEYOND GORGEOUS!! Congrats on your engagement :biggrin:
  6. These pieces are beautiful, no question about it. But at the weddings I've been to lately the brides have worn fabulous chic dresses and very, very little jewelry, and they just looked so classy and elegant! Their jewelry consisted basically of their engagement/wedding rings, and understated diamond earrings. No necklaces or bracelets to compete with the dress and the marriage rings.
  7. Stunning collection!
  8. Bitten I love Aria, I have the plain diamond pendant. It is the perfect wedding set with the pearls, I've never seen anything better!
  9. I know, that's what makes it so difficult :sweatdrop:

    Congratulations! And how fabulous, what pieces did you end up choosing from Mikimoto? Feel free to give details on dress, shoes, hair etc :biggrin:

    Thank you :heart: and I agree, the necklace is just so dreamy and bridal...

    I know, it is very unusual these days for people to wear full collar-style necklaces with any formal gown (I think Hautemama did a thread on that phenomenon quite a while ago). However, my dress is going to be very simple with no embellishment or beading at all (the design is all about structure) so I am definitely going to explore all jewellery options!

    And I may not wear my engagement ring on the day - my fiance says he wants to put the wedding rings on my bare finger - I didn't even know guys thought about that stuff? :P
  10. Oh thank you :heart:

    I agree, all these things have to be considered. My dress is very simple with no beading or any embellishment, it's ivory/cream silk georgette that is just draped very simply over the bodice and down to the floor. I think this link should work:

    And I will definitely wear my hair up (I always do so that will feel most natural for me). So there are definitely options. I adore the necklace but not sure whether I just would wear the earrings by themselves?

    The necklace is a piece of art, I could just get it and wear it at home, when I'm vacuuming and stuff like that :biggrin::roflmfao:
  11. Thanks skyqueen I knew I could count on your excellent taste! :hugs:

    I know ekt123 I saw your beautiful pendant, congratulations on quitting! You rock lady :cool:

    I love the romance of the Aria collection, I know that necklaces for a bride are probably not the done thing these days, and I know that just earrings and perhaps a bracelet can be incredibly chic, but there's something downright regal about that necklace!!

  12. My dress is a Jenny Packham, so quite beaded. I've gone for the Morning Dew earrings and pearl chain bracelet, keeping it simple.

    In the UK, I think we normally transfer the engagement ring to the right hand for the ceremony and back once the wedding ring is on.

    And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The dress is stunning.
  13. Just popping back in to say that your dress is to die for! Seriously gorgeous and sophisticated and elegant. You are going to look amazing.
  14. I love those earrings! How gorgeous and so perfect! I checked out Jenny Packham's website - divine!!! Is your dress finished yet or still waiting?

    I did not know that about the ering during the ceremony - I should probably ask my married friends what they did??

    Thanks for your kind words about my dress - I really was very lucky that something bought over the internet kind of spur of the moment suited me so well! I know it's unusual in that it has no beading or embellishment at all, but it really suits my personal style :sweatdrop: Not a lot of great choices out here (Australia) to be honest and I had thought I would have to go overseas to find something (probably London tbh) but then the Vivienne Westwood turned up on sale on Net-A-Porter and my fiance said let's just get it and if it doesn't suit you, we can just send it back but worth trying out - and saves a trip overseas (he knows I really don't like longhaul flights) He has such good ideas :love:
  15. Aww, thanks :hugs: you're too kind! I love it and it was such a spur of the moment thing getting it - I was showing my fiance a couple of dresses online to give him a general idea of what I like but still not having a whole lot of luck (and him not being hugely helpful just chatting with my brother on the phone and both of them checking out other dresses on the same websites and saying "Ew" and "Who wants to wear that to a wedding? It's not a gypsy carnival!" Thanks guys :rolleyes:) Then I said "Oh, there's this one totally perfect one that I adore but I'd have to buy it without trying it on first" then I clicked on Net-A-Porter to show him and it was on sale! Then he was just "Buy it. If it doesn't fit or look good, we'll send it back." Somethings the good luck just pops its head in every once in a while :graucho::biggrin: