Ode to the Tods Ivy Moc

  1. Today I put on my grey pair of Tods Ivy mocs, and literally let out an aaahhhhhhh. According to my feet, Ivy is THE most comfortable shoe in the universe (can you tellI love these?).

    I have several pairs and vow to get more, when the opportunity presents.

    How about you? Who has these?

    Here are the mocs:

  2. Oh, well. I love them no matter what.
  3. Those look so comfortable! My husband has a pair of Tod's loafers he absolutely LOVES. I have a Tod's bag I got over the summer and I can't stop carrying it. I really want to try the shoes as well. I was all Prada for the last few years but now I'm a total Tod's convert! The quality is amazing!

    How long have you had these? I love the color!
  4. Tod's shoes are the best ever!
    I can run around in their heels from morning to evening and still feel great, without any pain.
    I haven't bought anything but for the last 5 years or so...
  5. i should really give these a try. i'm usually in heels but you know, i have to give my poor feet a break once in a while. i'm sure these go w.everything but i can see myself wearing them w.my favorite pair of jeans.
  6. After you posted this, I took mine out and planned an outfit around them (easy task ;) and wore them this past weekend. Can't go wrong with TODS.
  7. Oooh those look comfortable! Maybe I should consider getting a pair!
  8. I love loafers. These look amazing! I need to try a pair.
  9. I think these loafers so beautiful and I tried to get them to fit to no avail. *sigh* I could not understand it because I must have 12 pair of Tod's loafers collected over time. The penny style has always been my favorite.