Ode to the Swagger...

  1. If I could only purchase one more item THIS year that wasn't a need... this would be it!


    The swagger looks good even going green! If someone spots this bag will you give me a PM? Thanks!
  2. It is a great bag. My mom has the larger tote version of this bag in black and it is stunning. Hopefully, you can find one. Keep checking E-bay. Everything shows up eventually.
  3. Hmmm... Tell your mom I'd meet her on the 280... got cash. LOL.

    You're right I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and lookout. One day for sure.

  4. divasdare, i'm an eBay ho and i can tell you i love this bag and have seen one every other month. and recently one sold for under 600$ NEW...keep your eyes peeled....i'm downsizing too so i'm not getting any more bags for a lil while
  5. Yeah I saw it. I couldn't make up my mind whether or not to spend that kind of money. Now I am kicking myself. Well maybe not... well maybe. Anyway it was the first time I had seen one, and feel in love, well lust.

    Anyway I feel you on downsizing. They say a recession is coming. I want to have money in the bag and not just invested in a lot of bags. Did that make sense.

    BUT, I'd like the swagger and a selma. Spoiled... I know.
  6. Such a cute bag. Maybe one will turn up on sale or consignment for you later. :heart:
  7. Whoa... Thanks!:love: See you beg and then you find! LOL
  8. ^^799 is kinda high for how much they've been selling lately.... i say wait
  9. Yeah, plus I wasn't aware that it wasn't patent leather but a pvc like material... boo... boo... :cursing:

    See good to know people in high places.. LOL

    eta... it was a relist too at a much l o w e r price, and couldn't sale so they raised the price. Some Macro Economics huh?