Ode to the Saint Laurent shoes and boots

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  1. Gorgeous!

    Could you tell me how they fit?

    I am size 38. And there is no more 38 but only 37,5.
  2. Gorgeous !!

    Could you tell me how they fit?

    Because i am size 38 and only managed to find them online in 37.5 :s
  3. Hi! I usually wear a 38 too and my boots in this pic are a size 38. But are the ones you've found this exact style, the knee high with the lower heel?
    Because my other Babies boots - lace up block heel and zip up ankle boots with block heel - are size 37.5. So if you can easily return the size 37.5 you've found you should definitely try them - they might work out :smile:
    The suede is nice and soft too, all the better for stretching ;)
  4. lovely64 you look fabulous!!! Missoni with Saint Laurent boots is a perfect match :cool:
  5. Hi!

    Thank you for your answer!

    I found the same as yours but with a 7 cm block heel.

    I think I might try. It's a bit complicated for me to return them. But they look so good!!

    Thank you again!
  6. Here's mine!

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  7. [​IMG]

    my new favourite espadrilles :heart::heart:
  8. I saw the gorgeous and talented Lou Doillon perform recently wearing her gold Saint Laurent Wyatt boots :cool:


  9. I love those first boots.
  10. Love these! Are you still rocking them? They are so hard to find in good condition!
  11. Thanks! Still wearing both pairs and plan to keep wearing them until they fall apart. No sign of that happening yet though, they’re very hard wearing and I’ve kept them in good shape with regular home spa treatments :angel:
  12. Hi, do you know if their sneakers are comfortable to wear?
    I'm eyeing this pair it's currently 30% off on Mytheresa.
    P00291573.jpg P00291573_d3.jpg