Ode to the Saint Laurent shoes and boots

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  1. Great buys!!
  2. Yesterday with my fringe sandals.

  3. Fabulous! Love this dress :heart:
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    Love your pared back style! Still kicking myself that I missed the patent oxfords when they were available in white - the style is called Lulu I think? Love them!
  5. they're here!! my studded espys :biggrin: fit is TTS, love the gunmetal studs bc they're so subtle, can't wait to wear them out! also pictured are my patent nude tributes circa 2012 (before the name change). They are still my all-time favorite heels and the most comfortable!!

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  6. Thank you, lovely64 and Straight-Laced!

    I know how you feel... I regret not making certain purchases even years later. I still stalk ebay hoping they'll pop up one day!
  7. Love these espadrilles :cool:

  8. Which ones are you looking for? I will keep an eye out!
  9. I could not resist these! The weather here is very unpredictable so buying booties is advisable even though it's the height of summer! Lol! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️

  10. Today with a black dress.

  11. Stunning on you! :loveeyes:
    Perfect boots for summer.
    I have this style in black but haven't got around to wearing them yet.
  12. Like them both :cool:
  13. My latest addition.


  14. Thank you sweetie! I love the black ones too but they were sold out!
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