Ode to the Picotin

  1. I'm falling in love with this cute and casual style. I don't have one...

    Enable me, perhaps, with lots of action and art pics? :graucho: :heart:
  2. I'll take pics of mine soon. I have a raisin MM and love it!!
  3. I have and love my Picotin MM in Blue Jean. I can even wear it on my shoulder!

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  4. [​IMG]

    Here is mine! It's so fun to use!!! :lol:
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  5. Boo--Wow, your's is gorgeous! Makes me want another one!!!!
  6. Love love love :heart:your picotin Boo1689.....can I come and have tea with you??
  7. Love my Pictotins! I really want a MM in white with Vert Anis trim!

    PM in Thalassa Blue Clemence


    PM Natural Barenia with contrast Potiron trim


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. rileygirl - :angel: You need another picotin :devil: You can use another 2 picotins ;)

    Libradiamonds - of course my picotin would love to have tea with you anytime:yes:

    Quinn'sMom - your barenia and potiron picotin is sooo yummy!!
  9. I am looking for a Prune or Natural Barenia PM to be my next Picotin. :smile:
  10. xiaoxiao scored a TGM raisin Picotin......lucky girl....FAB on her!


    xiao1.jpg xiao2.jpg
  11. coleigh and dogbiskit have beautiful Picotins (MM I think....biscuit and potiron, maybe?)

    And whoever can forget our magnificent MaiTai wearing hers oh so effortlessly...


    maitai pico.jpg maitai pico1.jpg
  12. my pico gm.jpg
  13. I hope XX won't mind, but this is another super hip, hot mama picture of her and her picotin and definitely belongs in this thread.

  14. piaffe pico.jpg