Ode to the Mothership! Hermes, FSH Paris

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  1. Hi H addicts :smile:
    Just thought I'd share some photos of my recent trip to the Mothership at Saint Honore, Paris!
    ENJOY! *I did, because I literally had my fingers pried off from those windows (while I drooled)!!*
    sthonorehermes1.jpg sthonorehermes4.jpg sthonorehermes5.jpg sthonorehermes12.jpg sthonorehermes15.jpg
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  2. MORE!!! And how I loooved the richness of this particular Window!!
    sthonorehermes16.jpg sthonorehermes17.jpg sthonorehermes18.jpg
  3. Available H merchandise to my recollection:
    Lindy- lagoon, orange, and black in 30cm, saffron, etoupe, and parchemin in 34cm; Kelly- orange 32cm, rose dragee 32cm (super gorgeous color), blue jean 35cm, brown epsom 35cm, a few toile combination ones;
    Paris Bombay- saffron (or is it curry), vert cru, black; Evelyne- white, etoupe;
    Victoria: brighton blue, saffron (looks like mustard yellow... so maybe its curry haha), etoupe, vert anis, orange, red, gold, black.
    There were some bi-colored picotins as well;
    Kelly wallet only came in chocolate epsom, etoupe chevre, and the smaller one in blue jean.
  4. Thanks for sharing tresormakati, & what did you get??:graucho:
  5. Teeheeee.... the reveal is not yet going to happen until.... mid April? *when all my bills get paid hahahaha*
  6. Great pictures tresormakati!!!! Thank you for sharing with us! Can't wait to see what you got!
  7. Beautiful shots, thank you!
  8. thanks jag! My credit card feels so abused and I think I'll be on a ban for quite some time... No telling when my wallet will recuperate! LoL
  9. Beautiful pictures, thank you. I really enjoyed them, and they cost me nothing to look!
    I love you say that, credit card feels abused...it is exactly how i am feeling right now. I'll join you on the ban which I know will be short-lived but better than nothing.
  10. Great pictures and enjoyed your blog too!
  11. Oooh, I want to go to Paris
  12. awesome shots! Thank you for posting them!
  13. Me too !!! :drool:
  14. Thanks for posting!
  15. Love those pictures! Thanks for sharing. :smile: