Ode to the monogram speedy: how I love thee

  1. It's amazing how great the monogram speedy is. I go through phases where I don't carry her it all, and then one day I use her, and *bam!* instant love :love:. I am a definite style-rotater, and when I get stuck in one style, I usually keep that way for awhile. Over the winter I carried Coach mostly. Come Spring I brought out my 6 month-dormant Balenciaga city. Last night I took out my Speedy for the first time in months - and it just felt right :love: lol. I have a 30 - and I love how huge it is on me lol. I felt like a rockstar with it yesterday hehe - so today it shall come out again!

    So now come and commemorate the classic wonder that is the LV speedy with me! What do you love about yours? Post pics if you wish! :heart:
  2. I know how you feel. I completely love mine too. I use it basically everyday, I just miss it when I use another bag. I have NEVER been this way with a bag before. Everyone used to always make fun of me because I would switch bags everyday. Now I seem to have found the perfect bag. Speedy is just easy to use and look so nice with everything. :heart:
  3. I loVe my moNo speeDy 30 too! even tHough moSt of the speedies u see heRe aRe fake but I dont caRe.. I stiLL loVe my mono! ;) been weaRing it aLL the tiMe wheN I haVe fRee time.. I onLy used it 2 the uni once tHough coz I dont waNna caRry my supeR heaVy books in it.. :love:
  4. I def need a speedy, its such a classic bag!
  5. I think the Mono LV Speedy is an iconic bag that every LV lover should have in her collection. I have a 25 that was a wedding present 19 years ago. It's a little worse for wear but very loved. I don't use it as much as I should. I've been using my Mini Lin but I plan on getting a 30 at some point!
  6. I love the speedy bag, too. It's soooo chic!
  7. Enablers!!!
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. OO OO OO!!! Here are my recent pics! I posted them in action thread but since you asked for pics YOU GOT EM!!





    and of course- hanging out with the LV family!!

  10. that is a nice family of speedies :heart:
  11. I want to move to Alaska - I love those "muck-lucks" on the speedy!

  12. Thank you!! I absolutely :love: both of them- mono's just getting more use right now because :shrugs: SHE'S NEWER! lol.....

  13. Thank you!! I love them too! That set was a wedding present I got 5 years ago! (wowweeegeewhillackers!! 5 years on the 25th of this MONTH!)

    The other pair are pink, I just think the red looks better...

    Come to Alaska! I need more LV friends!!!!!
  14. You are so cute! Your posts always make me laugh. Did you relocate to Alaska or were you born there? I am in BC, Canada, right underneath you.
  15. By the way Livin, I tried on the Mono 30 yesterday just for size (I put myself on the waitlist for the Azur finally!) and I wish it was big on me, it is pretty much normal on me. (I am 5'7" with broad shoulders.) I wish Azur made a 35.