Ode to the Lindy

  1. hi josiren

    i got a lindy 30 about 2 weeks ago and i love it. i have carried almost every day to work which means if i don't have time to change to a smaller bag or clutch, its use extends to cocktails and dinner. where i live, my definition of cocktails basically means having spontaneous drinks after work kind of thing. lindy is a day to night bag up to a certain point for me. i definitely won't bring it to a formal event. the same rule applies for birkins anyway :smile:

    hope that helps ;)
  3. Hello all, do you think the size matters for lindy being carried in a more formal setting like company party, fancy dinner, etc.? Perhaps the 26 lindy would look nicer? What do you all think?

  4. Would love to see pics as well. Thanks for bringing this up Josiren.
  5. Somewhere I have pictures of a Lindy at a formal event and I thought it looked surprisingly good. And really it is a question of your style. An exotic might work as well~
    Here is how I like the Lindy
    IMG_2756.jpg gayatri%20joshi.jpg Mrs_%20and%20Mr%20Alexander%20Tedja.JPG
  6. see that looks great! they carry it well..
  7. I think the size does matter if you want to bring your lindy to a more formal event, definitely the exotics will be in the front seat... second maybe the swifts. Clemence will be more informal so may not work in formal events except maybe in neutral colors... Again it will depend on your style..
  8. How about rouge casaque lindy in clemence? Is it nice for semi formal events (wearing a dress)? Size 26 or 30 is nicer?
  9. I totally agree, i think that's exactly what it comes down to and yes, an exotic even better.
  10. formal events, the smaller the better. clemence is not really a leather i advocate for formal dos.
  11. Ok I believe I am going to go on and purchase the Lindy in the swift pelouse green. :smile: I will do a reveal when it gets delivered.
  12. pelouse in swift is divine..looking forward to your reveal :smile:
  13. I purchased;)
  14. i passed over a pelouse lindy at a reseller once. never stopped kicking myself for that.
  15. That is me, I did it get it and someone else was and realized it was not the color green she was wanting and she contacted me back and asked if I was still interested. I thought about it said yes because I was already mad the first time I Missed out on it. I just hope I love the color:smile: