Ode to the Lindy

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  1. First of all, let me say I lack the credentials of Hiheels and mrssparkles - HiHeels for her ability to turn a bag into a legend in an online thread - and mrssparkles for her talent in taking such a capitivating photo of the bag that currently is the focus of my imagination - the etoupe 30 cm lindy. Those disclaimers aside, anyone want to join me in aspiring to a Lindy bag?

    tokyogirl, morgan et al - your enthusiasm for this bag has obviously emboldened me.

    Since I dont have one yet, I cant start this out with a scan. Maybe some of you more fortunate can share your photos and extole the charms of this quirky but charming bag.
  2. Here are pics of three Lindys, all 30cm. From top to bottom: Rouge Garance Clemence, Turquoise Swift, and Orange Swift.
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  3. OMG.....you have no idea what I"m selling to afford a Lindy.......or two. I've fallen hard and I've ONLY seen them in pics and action thread. I must say it was some amazing action pics. that really put me over the edge! I just LOVE it!! My local NM is getting one in and it is being held for me! I love how versatile it is and can't wait to get one!!

  4. What a great start to this thread! Thank you.
  5. You'll be quite pleased when you see it IRL, and even more so, when you handle one. I thought these were interesting looking, but somewhat weird, in the pictures. When I saw them on the shelf, I thought, well ok, its not bad looking, but it didnt look too convenient. Then finally, after seeing a number of them in the store, one looked so sweet on the shelf, I asked to take a closer look. Once I actually held one, it was hard to forget. The "ergonomics" of this bag are so good, its almost scary.
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  6. I have an etoupe Lindy and have carried her on and off for a few months. I am not near a boutique, so most things are sent to me based on what I see on the internet and how my SA describes something to me. I have to say that the Lindy really didn't grab me early on, I thought it was too unstructured for my tastes. Jedimaster is right, you don't realize how comfortable the bag is until you carry one around. The handles alone are a pleasure after you've carried birkin handles for a while (the high heels of the handbag world, as I tend to think of them). The Lindy is incredibly pleasant to carry.

    One drawback is that if you don't routinely close the two top flap zippers all the way on the Lindy, all your interior stuff is eminently poachable, and the bag lies so comfortably against your body, you'd never know if someone reached in and grabbed something. On the other hand, if you zip the zippers closed, you really have to take the time to unzip them again to get at your stuff - no just reaching into the Lindy with a free hand to find what you want while you're walking, etc. Not like the birkin, which if you leave it unstrapped falls wide open when you drop a handle, but automatically and nicely, securely closes up shop if you just keep both handles on your arm.

    Obviously, I just wouldn't wear the Lindy anywhere you might be pickpocketed, unless you're going to keep her all zipped and strapped up. I just find you don't necessarily have to do that with the birkin, which I kind of like.

    I do, though, vote wildly for the two end exterior pockets on the Lindy, new home for my cell phone and some other stuff, when I'm in the truck, I LOOOVE being able to get at my phone quickly. With the birkin and Kelly I always had to take my cell phone out first while driving, I could never get at anything in time to answer a call if I didn't.

    One last word on etoupe - looks much darker on the internet than in real life. In real life, etoupe looks much like Rose Dragee looks on the internet - and that must look much lighter in real life.

    Anyway, thumbs up on the Lindy :tup:
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  7. I am leaving for the airport in in couple of hours for a small holiday (frantically packing)-- but will post photos of my Lindy when I return! Jedimaster, awesome thread!!
  8. JM, you know from your other thread that I am a HUGE fan of the Lindy. I am nearly 50 years old and have been told that contrary to what I was afraid of, the bag does not look too young and trendy for me. I've posted this pic before, but here is my "in action" photo carrying my 30 Lindy in turquoise swift (just like the one in 24, F's gorgeous photo).


    Attached Files:

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  9. I go back and forth over this bag. They are beautiful, but would I rather have another birkin????
  10. maggie d - your bag looks beautiful on you. blue jean is great in this bag. by the way, i am older than you - ironically, I was wondering if the lindy was too "old lady" and not modern enough for me! But I guess, like all other Hermes bags, there is no age issue with any bag (or any color, at least in my opinion).

    kwittman - i live in a crowded city. the security issue you mentioned gives me pause.

    lililu - you hit the nail on the head. i am only going to buy one bag in etoupe, but torn as to whether it should be a lindy, kelly or birkin. or whether i should just forget the lindy entirely and apply the funds toward a another birkin or kelly. the price differential between a lindy bag and a kelly bag is not huge. of course, a birkin is much more. i dont like having a lot of bags either. right now i have 4 (or 5?), and i dont really see myself buying that many more. so i take the next purchase sort of seriously.
    maybe i need to lighten up. its just a bag, i guess.
  11. I love my Lindy.:heart: It is very comfortable and practical, as well as fun and versitile. You can grab it by the handles or just swing it over your shoulder. I don't close it all the time, but if I'm in the city or a crowded place, I do, and it's not a big deal to open. I love the outside and inside pockets. I have the smaller one, and am seriously thinking about getting the bigger one and using it as a diaper bag.
    All around this bag is great. Its timeless and ageless as are most H bags.:tup:
  12. hermeslover07, tokyogirl, mrssparkles and other moms suggest this is a great bag for a mother with small children with a variety of accoutrements when leaving the house. I am in some respects like a little kid myself, and I think that may be why this bag is speaking to me.

    I am always finding my nephews plastic ninjas in my birkin bag.. hes only six, but I think the fact he can figure out how to get into it, is a sign he's a genius..not that I am biased or anything. I bet he would love those side pockets of the Lindy bag, though.
  13. Dear Ms. Jedimaster:

    GREAT thread!!!

    My DH does NOT know about my little Lindy collection, so I'll try sneak a group photo (so much packing and unpacking so it might get suspecious).... I always keep my bags in box/sleeper bag.

    Just today I was with my Lindy (this one DH knows about) and besides all the compliment, it was so handy that I've put my kids' toys/paper etc. in it and still ROOMY!!!

    I normally keep the zipper zipped and just leave the front un-hooked, so I may easily get some stuff out of it.

    The minute I've saw it on Ms. N Campbell, I knew I must have it; it was like LOVE at the first sight... :heart:

    I think this is a BAG friendly for ALL ages as my mom in her 60's LOVE how trendy/casual Lindy looks!!!
  14. Nowhere near as beautifully put together as MaggieD, but here is me with my BJ 30 clemence Lindy. The reason why I am crouching is because my 5 year old son took this photo and I had to get to his eye level (we are at the airport, in case you are wondering).
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  15. MORGANNG, I can't wait to see your lindy collection! What colors do you have and do you have both sizes? Which size do you prefer?
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