ODE to the JUMBO and GIANT reissues! Come share pics and stories!!!!

  1. Yay!!! :yahoo: This bag is the reason I love Chanel! Here are the reason's why!
    1. It's super functional! Can be worn messenger style which totally works because I have a six year old and a DH who demand both arms at any given time
    2. The size alone gives room for all my junk AND a water bottle!
    3. This is a signature classic- I have not seen another purse look so much like- a PURSE!
    4. Caviar is so indestructable!
    5. The chain is so pretty and very "Chanel"!
    6. It's lightweight
    7. It so structured and can sit on it's own! So easy to get in and out of- plus it's the perfect size width vs. height wise!
    As for Reissues! I'm talkin bout the 228 size! Nothing has me hotter than this bag and when it's in metallic black I feel sooooo special and unique!!! The double flap just brings a smile to me everyday!

    Post your Jumbos and larger sized reissues!! Let's start the Jumbo/Giant Reissue club! Tell me about your story- this is the bag and so addicting!

    My Jumbo (with a beige twin on it's way and a 228MB!) --- LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!








    heehee- my sad sad (bad clothes, so lazy!) modeling pic taken by a 6 year old (bless his heart!) who asked "why do you take so many pictures of your purses?" haha~~~~ I'm 5-4 and no skinny minny. heehee.
  2. heehee- sorry, had to say this

    OMG! this bag is SOFA KING FRESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh. lol~~~
    and excuse the bed frame in the back of the modeling pic- I removed a bed from one of the bedrooms~~
  3. AWWWW- no love for Jumbo's and giant Reissues??????
    :huh: :shrugs:

    I think I'm the only one in Fairbanks====or even ALASKA who owns a Jumbo?????? lol~~~~
  4. Congrats :yahoo: I'm here, always stalking ur post lol. holy cow, 228 can fit in water bottle too?? Is it bigger than regular Jumbo? Hands free is definitely a big plus, especially with child, it makes Chanel very pratical :graucho:
  5. Alaska - i love ur white jumbo flap, she's a beauty! Congrats and u look great on her~~
  6. Classic- I knew you'd post- :flowers: felt kinda alone there for a bit!!!

    yep- the 228 can hold WAY more than the Jumbo- it's about 2.5 inches wider than the jumbo! I'll post comparison pics when the 228 comes in next week!

    heehee- I saw your thread! dang girl- you're tall!!! :heart: wish I was tall :love:
  7. Celia :heart:

    Thank you for the comment- I LOVE your avatar!!!!!!!!!!! And SOO don't worry I'm always thinking of you re: the red flap- promises to PM you when I see one on *bay!!! :woohoo:
  8. Gorgeous~!! I love its white snowy goodness :heart:
  9. :heart: thank you mew--- it is very very winter wonderland white!!!

    but the fact that it's CAVIAR hasn't phased me one bit!!!!! I'm so confident with this leather it's like LIBERATING!!! :yes:
  10. from a distance (in my living room-close view)

  11. awww......U are so wonderful, thanks for thinkin of me as always.

    When i saw my avator's pic, i was love at first sight when i came across this....so i tot of replacing my previous olsen pic for a change.....I'm glad i did it...LOL:tender:
  12. Heaps of congrats, Alaska!!!

    This bag is absolutely stunning! And definitely so useful too. Great choice dear! Can't wait to see your 228 reissue!!!
  13. Nada, Celia- thank you!!! :heart:

    I will for sure post comparison pics of the Jumbo VS. the 228!!! :woohoo:
  14. Hi M!!!! I LUVVVVVVVV YOUR JUMBO FLAP!!!!! :love: (I want one too!!!!)

    I am soooooooooo JEALOUS!!!! :shame:
  15. ^--- hey! lol!!!!

    don't be jealous! it's beeing loovved by a super duper baggaholic- and I know *you'd* appreciate that!!!! :heart: good to see ya!!