Ode to the Inventory Thread... (and a box from FSH)

  1. It's been said that it's next to impossible to walk into an H. store and find a Birkin just sitting out on display, especially one in your size, color, leather and hardware. Well, not so if you read the Inventory thread!! I am forever grateful to the Inventory thread, especially audreyhepburn, as Wednesday, late afternoon she posted there was Birkin on display at Wall Street. I did not see her post until late that night. I couldn't believe it. Could this really be my bag? Color? check. Leather? check. Size? check? Hardware? check. It was my bag. OMG! Breathe. I had to get down there in the morning. Breathe. Was the bag still there? Breathe. Read the rest of the thread. Breathe. Figure out if another tPFr has already purchased it. Breathe. Call the store, find out what time they open. (They used to open at 8:30, but now 10am.) Did I have anything that *had to* been done at work first thing in the AM? No. Good. Breathe. OK, I was going to Wall Street and was going to be at the door when they opened. Worst-case the bag would be gone but there was another on display and I would get to try it on for size. (There were none for me to try on in Paris, I'll get to my visit to FSH later. :smile:) I was so excited in the morning, and a little nervous as well. Would I get there on time? Would anyone else have the same idea I did?

    Off I went. I got to the store before they opened. When they opened the doors, I walked in, said hello and then peeked around the shelf that holds the bags. OMG! OMG! OMG! There she was on the top shelf, just sitting there. *My bag* It wasn't a minute and she was mine. I can't even describe the feeling, it was THAT exciting. And even more so because I got the bag as a direct result of audreyhepburn and the Inventory thread. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (and thanks to the entire tPF H. community, as I have learned so much about colors, leathers, hardware, etc. because of everyone's generous postings here.)

    So the moral of the story is, you really can find *your* Birkin just sitting on the shelf, just make sure to read the Inventory thread! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. It was a litte nerve-wracking carrying the big orange shopping bag on the subway... Next bag I'll take a cab home (although the *next* bag is already on its way to me.... from FSH.)

    I was glad to get the box home...
    Box #2.JPG
  3. Patience and research = Grail Bag. I too check the Inventory thread. But every other bag mentioned seems like a good idea to me :graucho:

    What a perfect experience to get your Grail Bag as your first Birkin. :flowers:
  4. STRIPTEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool:

    Do we have to rally her like the Wall Street types? (So appropriate btw).
  5. I love your story. Congratulations! So, when do we get to see your new birkin? :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  6. congratulations! you tell your story so cleverly - makes me feel delighted to read, feel so happy for you!

    cant wait to see your reveal!!!!! :biggrin:
  7. Love the story and I can imagine your nervousness. We REALLY need a picture though..pretty please??
  8. WOW! What an experience!!! GO GO GO!!!! *CHANTS!*

    Peeeeeeeektures pretty please!
  9. wow!
    The feeling is so exhilarating! especially, you start saying ... there there my bag waiting for me to bring home!

  10. I am so loving all these stories. :smile: Can't wait to hear about your trip to FSH, too!
  11. WOW! How lucky! You must be on Cloud 9. :yahoo: And thank you to all the lovely ladies who take time to update the inventory thread for all the other tpfers.
  12. Apologies for the delay, she's a little shy, not to mention confused as to why she had to stay in her dustcover, in her box and in my closet all day while I was at the office. Especially since her mother was practically doing cartwheels in the store the first time they were together. Also confusing to her was why mom didn't march right out of the store with her on her arm, for everyone to see. She thought I should put her sister, Evelyne, in the box so she could walk with me. But that would not have made for good reveal pics...

    I've explained to her that putting her in the box and transporting her directly to my closet was an act of love, so she got over her shyness...
    Peeking Out of Dustcover.JPG
  13. Oh come on now, little one, we'll be kind and shower you with lots of WUV :tender:
  14. F5, F5!!
  15. great story ! can't wait to see your bag :yes::yes: