Ode to the Hermes Cashmere GM Shawls

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  1. I prefer the orange/red like mine. I saw a pic of the purple though & it is gorgeous too!
  2. All pretty and I tried them all on. I went with the orange cw. Such a great pop of color!
  3. Love this, looks great with your B!
  4. Ladies, where can I find the cw of the graff gm?
  5. I love those bright colours, just wonderful!
    Hope they cheered up your visit a little bit!!!
  6. If you want just one you have to find a colur that goes with most of your wardrope and still has the "wow-effect".
    there are so many pictures here, maybe jsut compare them to the clothes you have and the bags and then make a decision?
    hope this helps!!!
  7. Hey Twin!!!! :wave:
    We are actually identical twins... B and GM!
  8. I agree, if you have to pick one, pick one that goes with what you have. It should also go with your coloring. There are enough colorways that at least one should do the trick, and if you've got more than one that does, go with the one that "sings" to you!
  9. Triplets!!!!

  10. I :heart::heart::heart: both of these cws but opted for the orange/red as it popped more around my face and brightened me up so much. Did you decide yet?
    93312-iID_6{1359481644}.jpg 92835-iID_1{1358965356}.jpg
  11. do a search on this thread and the spring 2013 scarves thread too..i recall the cws being posted but can't remember which one!
  12. Love the orange/red. It's gorgeous, IF.
  13. Thanks, i did a search before but could not find anything probably i have to change the search words
  14. Thanks so much
    Do u know btw what is the number of the first cw?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.