Ode to the Hermes Cashmere GM Shawls

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  1. FYI --

    If anyone is looking for the Tohu Bohu GM, I saw a vert sapin, a framboise, and a potiron at the Madison Ave. store today.

    They also have several colors of the Bolduc GM: Brown, dk. green, and red. They are in the drawer in back of the counter.
  2. Oh, why no aubergine?! :crybaby:

    Should I settle for a frambroise or cassis instead?
  3. Have you tried a store-wide search? I think cassis is a beautiful alternative -- very rich colors. Somewhere Irishlass posted a photo with the aubergine and cassis next to each other.
  4. bags to die for, congratulations!
  5. This is a beautiful piece! You will look so beautiful with it. Congratulations Bags to die for!
  6. I'll bet there's an aubergine out there somewhere - I'll let you know if I see one.
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  8. ^^^
    wowzers Holsby you look smashing!!! So elegant and such a carefree pose;)

    ps. at first I thought you were holding a glass of wine in your hand and not a camera,LOL!

  9. LovelyKate - Thank you!
    In fact I left my glass of Dry Martini on the table nearby. :p
  10. ^^^
    aha, that´s why you have such a relaxed je ne sais quois (sp?) pose;)
  11. :drinkup:
  12. The Australian website still has the aubergine listed!
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