Ode to the Evelyne

  1. Thank you guys!!! :blush:
  2. GM III in Tosca Clem. :smile:
  3. jeszica, that's gorgeous :love:
  4. MrJStar, nice shot with the Evelyne and my oh my you are incredibly svelte.
  5. Dang lady, you look fabulous and love the Evelyn! Congrats!

    Congrats on the Tosca! Such a gorgeous color!!! I could get hooked on these bags!
  6. Head to toe! :ps:
  7. TPF evelyne I owners,do you have any issues with the suede interior?
    I'm starting to have the suede peeling off with the flakes all over my wallet and stuffs contain in the bag! :nogood:
  8. 👯🎁my marron Evelyn 😍just love it

  9. Thank youuuuuu!!!:blush:
  10. You look fabulous!
  11. Mine hasn't started to flake off yet but I did just order one of those inserts by 'Purse to Go' that another PF'er recommended...I'll keep you posted if that could help eliminate the wear to the inside suede!?:idea:

    And thank you Israeli_Flava and Sparklelisab for your sweet comments!!;) I can't figure out how to mulit-quote!?:p

  12. Looking good there! :woohoo:
  13. Tosca is such a lovely color. congratulations. :biggrin:
  14. Could you please advise me also how could I order one? Where to check them :rolleyes:
  15. Thanks mrsjstar for the sharing!
    It would be highly recommended to use the purse to go from the start.
    Otherwise we all will face the same flaky problems in no time.