Ode to the Evelyne

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  1. I was inspired by the threads giving shout-outs to the kelly and bolide, so I thought about the evelyne. If one has already been started some time ago, then I apologize.

    At any rate, I must say the evelyne is an awesome bag. :love: I just purchased my first one in Chicago about three weeks ago. It is cyclamen and the leather is epsom. I actually like the bag more than my bolide and enjoy carrying it more than my kelly even. I will post pics of my bag soon, but in the meantime, does anyone else have pics to share of evelynes in various colors and leathers? I know some members on here have beautiful evelynes.
  2. The Evelyne is one awesome bag. It is my everyday grab'n'go bag and I don't baby it. It is timeless and elegant. I can definitely see myself getting more specimen of this bag!

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  3. :love: You all know how much I love the Evelyne!

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  4. Uh-oh. Y'all are gonna make me start pining for an Evelyne again!!
  5. :graucho: Oh yeah GT!!! :yahoo:
  6. My Evelyne II PM Chartreuse Clemence... Love this bag, use it as all the time. Casual yet elegant and the outer pocket is a lifesaver!!!! (And you can have more than one without spending 10K!!!)


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  7. Gorgeous Bags ladies !!!
    Hello2703 I really love your Evelyne color combo !!! Very Elegant !!!
  8. Anyone ever seen an Evelyne in graphite?
  9. This is graphite - from Pelinaka

    (this is offically my second post in the H sub)
  10. ^ Thank you! And welcome!!
  11. How? How How How was this handle done? Argh. A handbag that utilizes my scarf obsession.

    I'm so screwed now.

    I simply cannot afford to know you people.

    I love this look, Quinn's mom!

    New tally: I want a Bolide, an Evelyne, a Trim, and a bigger paycheck.
  12. ^^:crybaby: I can't see the picture of graphite Evelyne...

    It is on my next to purchase Hermes list.
  13. nathansgirl, a Cyclamen Evelyne! Thats my fave H color besides Orange, can we see pix pretty please?
  14. I have a chocolate PM2 in Clemence and carry it every day. I bought it in December 2006. I sold my YSL Muse because once I got the Evelyne, I didn't want to carry anything else. I have never enjoyed owning a purse more! When I'm trying to balance a cup of coffee, large tote and unlock the door to my office building at the same time, it sure is nice to be able to sling the Evelyne over my shoulder, messenger style.

    Here are pics:



    This color on this one isn't accurate. It is much darker than this.

    Here's the Evelyne with an H scarf used as a shoulder strap.

    Inside, using a medium Chameleon insert:

  15. Here are a couple more colors. Both bags are Clemence and both are PM2. The first is Potiron. I tried this one first but the color just wasn't for me. The 2nd one is gold. This pic was sent to me by one of the H boutiques so I could see the color.



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