Ode to the enamels

  1. [​IMG]
  2. that quadrige is gorgy suzie!!! I love the enamel pendant.....

    Love the grand apparat MT - so elegant
  3. MT, congrats again on the extra-wide Apparat! Great choice on you. Looking forward to modelling shots!

    Suzie thanks for the comparison pics. That's it, I'm asking my SA to search for the same Capitales. The colours are perfect for my wardrobe! Not sure if the width difference is due to the bangle size (PM vs GM), it could well be.
  4. Oh Suzie they look fabulous together!!! Interesting about the different widths in the extra wide ones, did not know about it. Measured mine, it is 3.5cm

    bagmoma :heart:
  5. Suzie, I love your bangles ( have the same Quadridge). I don't worry about the tiny marks on the metal. They come with some anyway. I love to stack two or three bracelets ( not just all Hermes), The enamels look good interspersed with a clic clac for a pop color too.
  6. Thanks bagmoma, Ms Piggy and Maitai.

    Thanks for the info andee, I also have clic clac so I will do that. I hope you are feeling better!
  7. ms piggy, fab choice for the Capitales. This one is very easy to match with.
  8. Thanks Queenie. If I didn't recall wrongly, you have this too?
  9. :yahoo:Lovely bold and beautiful bangles everyone! we must think alike MaiTai,I too bought the same deign/colourway ,no extra wide available...SO... in a fit of Hermes mania I have two wide ones to stack.Hope they work together well! also have a couple of caleche in neutrals so listen out for me...jangleing away !!
  10. Just a thought but maybe the new A/W "Puzzle" silk 90 would compliment your fabulous bangle. Happy hunting !!
  11. Lovely, mou mou. Is one black and the other red?

    I'm a fan of Caleche bangles too.

  12. Beautiful bangle design MOU MOU!:nuts:
  13. Now why did I have to go and open this thread?

    Ladies, ALL of your enamels are just gorgeous!! Suzie's black and whites, Ms P's gorgeous soft pastels ( esp the Ex Libres), Mai Tai's Grand Apparat and baby stack. :girlsigh:

    I was content with my two little clic clac enamels all these years but noooooooo........

    I have been secretly lusting all season for the extra-wide Balcons in red/white with Palladium and I. Have. Succumed. The last one available in the US is on it's way to me!! I am soo excited! Will post a pic as soon as it comes.
  14. ooh lovely sin verguenza.
    I have the narrow Balcons in red/white with palladium, and I love it so much. Can't wait to see your pics.
  15. Congrats mou mou!! Beautiful bangles and no sweeter sound than hearing them clanking against each other :jammin: