Ode to the enamels

  1. GraceKelly, FrenchSandra, Jadeite and MsPiggy thank you all for posting pics of your Grand Apparat. It is a lovely enamel - I think I am going to have to add it to my collection.
  2. Florasun: I did promise you a picture of Point D'orgue. Sorry it took so long to do it. Just love this bracelet!

    Thanks for all the lovely comments French Sandra. Ms. piggy, VigeeLeBrun, and Suzie!

    So much fun to wear the enamels!
  3. ms piggy and gracekelly you are both so great at enabling :graucho:

    Congratulations on your new additions and admiration for your collections :tender: :drool:
  4. Hi folks, I recently joined the forum to have an eBay bag authenticated, and now that I'm a member I might as well ask all my other questions too :smile:

    My hubby gave me a black Caleche enamel bracelet for Xmas. I know they come with a warning that they are fragile etc etc but I already own a white clic-clac H enamel bracelet that looks as new after almost a year. The Caleche seems to get a new scratch on it every time I wear it. In fact I almost never wear it because I'm so afraid of damaging it :sad:- which is a shame because it looks better on my wrist than in my jewelry box and it was a lovely gift that I really want to wear! Also, the scratches are all in the same area - the rest of the bracelet is pristine. Since it spins around on my wrist, shouldn't it get scratched evenly on all sides? I think there's something wrong with it but I don't know if Hermes will take it back after 3 months and admit there is a defect. I don't wear it with other jewelry for fear of scratching it some more... and I don't wear it in any situation where it might get bumped etc. So why all the scratches, and why all in one area? Has anyone had this issue? Thanks for any input/support you can provide!
  5. Welcome to the forum. Could you post a pic of where the scratches are?
  6. Hi everyone! I just purchased my first Hermes bracelet today. I got the thin orange and gold clic-clac. I have wanted one for awhile now, but kept buying designer 18k gold pieces as I couldn't justify paying for enamel. Sounds crazy, I know as I love the brand and I ride horses. I'm so glad that I finally took the leap and bought a piece. I am sure I will be a devoted collector. There are actually three more presently in my local store that I would love to have. It was SO hard walking out today with only one piece as I had such a hard time deciding which to go with. Especially, because I know they fly out the door. One of the bangles that I left behind is the only one in that particular color motif left in the country. What to do...
  7. Go back and get it, of course! LOL!
    (Welcome and congrats on your new clic-clac, BBF!)
  8. I tried these on and couldn't resist bringing them home:

  9. Very very pretty, love the colours!!! Please post some mos pics too :smile:
  10. Thank you, MaggyH! Here is another photo -
  11. caleche2.jpg


    Thanks Ms Piggy!

    OK, hope I'm doing this right (first time posting pictures too - definitely a newbie at this!). I've posted 2 pics of the scratched area and one of the other side of the bracelet which is still pristine. The scratched area is about 1.5 inches long, the rest of the bracelet is fine.

    Hubby called Hermes (he bought the bracelet from the online store and call their customer service line) and they were dismissive and said too bad, so sad. Now he's ****ed off and says he's never buying me another Hermes gift :cry:

    Help please!!
  12. Florasun, your enamels are lovely. I have yours in the extra-wide. Enjoy them! You might want to get the bronze clic-clac with GHW to match and stack:smile: Just a wee suggestion...
  13. Sorry to hear about your predicament. I don't blame your DH for being P.O.ed. They should at least look at it and determine if it is a bad batch of enamels - or something. I just got the caleche also, but have only worn it a couple of times. I wonder if mine is going to scratch badly, too.

    Thanks Heatherlite! OMG you are such an enabler, :lol:. What color is the bronze? is it metallic? or just a color called bronze?
  14. I don't remember the name of the color, Florasun. In LaLa's thread, there's a picture of it; she's my enabler, lol. You might see a smaller version of it under the brown colourway on H.com.
  15. Buy it and don't look back! :biggrin: