Ode to the enamels

  1. Brazil in wide with gold rim.
    P1000619.JPG P1000609.JPG P1000613.JPG
  2. Point D'Orgue in wide with gold rim.
    P1000593.JPG P1000595.JPG P1000616.JPG P1000606.JPG P1000602.JPG P1000604.JPG
  3. Love this shot in action Ms Piggy. Have this enamel in grey, so easy to match and such an H classical pattern :smile:
    BTW, the swift Etoupe Lindy is a real beauty.
  4. Thanks for the pics GraceKelly, very interesting pattern IMO...
    Have to wait to see all the CW IRL. But stunning, congrats :flowers:
  5. Thank you all for the silver taupe GA love. GA is one of my fav design, so quintessentially H. Here's the RH with ghw in action, which is perfect with RH box Birkin ghw (not pictured).

    Thanks, FS. Please show us the grey GA, bet it's a stunner!
    GrantApparat2.jpg GrandApparat+Cheongsam.jpg
  6. Stunning, stunning, STUNNING! I love the Brazil print and that Medor watch is just drooool worthy!!
  7. My pleasure Ms Piggy :love:
    Twin with you on the red and Gold. And I love this pattern so much, that I've bought the small gold and kaki and the black silver (wear it today;))
    photo(11).JPG photo.JPG photo(12).JPG
  8. They are all beautiful FS! I have the whole set (thin, wide and XL) of the red/gold, crazy huh? I love the black silver you have, that may now be my next target! :biggrin:
  9. Ms Piggy, It's not crazy. That's how it goes with H, no ?
    If I find the small gold and red I'd be happy to add to my collection.
    And another wide too. Can't be tired of this Grand Apparat.

    Good luck for the black. I love it and this CW is very modern. Great with this classical vibe of GA IMO.
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    Ms piggy you have me fainting! Rouge in GA, another favorite pattern of mine! it can't get better than this!!!!!!! Someplace around here I have a pic of my med width in black ground with pall rim. It is so versatile because you can wear with gold and/or white metal jewelry.


  11. GORGEOUS! You make me want to get rid of all my enamels and start all over in sets :biggrin:
  12. Wanted to post this here beacause I think they are a great combo!
  13. Wow ladies, keep all of your gorgeous photos coming.
  14. oh ....the black silver is lovely!

    i have a GA in black gold, and i find myself reaching for this enamel most often. :love:
  15. GK, thanks for posting your Point d'Orgue it is stunning! I love the colors - so cheerful. And it looks fabulous with the ex libris en kimonos. The Brazil in wide is breathtaking also.