Ode to the enamels

  1. Suzie, what a beautiful enamel collection, thank you for sharing with us!
  2. What a fabulous collection, Suzie, you have two of my all time
    favorites, Quadridge and Balcones!! Oh, and Couvetures and Capitales, oh
  3. Thank you for your kind words ladies, these really are addictive

    Florason, I may wear the smaller black, red or white plain one with another but usually I just wear one. I stack my clic clacs though.
  4. Suzie ~ Beautiful collection! Congrats, they are all lovely. My jaw drops :biggrin:
  5. Debuting the Grand Apparat XL enamel.
    Grand apparat blanc.jpg
  6. Just stunning..I NEED this one!
  7. looks great with the silver jewellery!!
  8. Gorgeous Bangle and Lindy :heart:!!!
  9. Oh Suzie... What a fabulous collection! They're gorgeous!!
  10. swoon! :tender: Love it! It looks gorgeous in silver, and really complements the etoupe bag.
  11. Wow, stunning collection. Even love the reflections in the countertop. I really like the ex large Carioca, I hardly ever see that size.
  12. I am hopeless with names,which oneis Carioca?
  13. The vertical stripes on top of the two ex large Balcons. I'm on a mission to find out all of the correct names. I so wish there was some sort of reference book for past years on the enamels. I find that even the SA's don't always know the names.
  14. ms piggy, thanks for posting the pic ~ it's a beautiful design ~ I'm in love :biggrin:
  15. Just stunning in the silver!