Ode to the enamels

  1. I saw those XX wide ones in Miami, they looked quite large! Didn't know if they were a bracelet or some kind of decoration, etc. I would like to see one of those on to see if it looked that large on the arm.
  2. The top one is the new size called mega large and the design is Point d'Orgue. The next two are the new design Rubans de Cheval. They are only available in UK and France so far and only in PM and gold. Can't wait till they come to the states.
  3. QuicklyML - I think I prefer Point d'Orgue in the narrow! The mega large looks way too big for me but I'm sure some of our intrepid and more fashionable members can pull it off. I am now lusting after a La Femme bangle since you reposted Peppers. The are probably long gone from the stores.
  4. I just got a large Le Femme 2 weeks ago in NYC while we were visiting our kids. You just have to be lucky or have a great SA is willing to try to find it for you. Good luck.
  5. GK, did you get the wide or the mega wide? Now I really want to see it!

  6. I purchased the regular wide. They had a couple of mega wide in other patterns, but I did not even try them on. Too much bracelet for me.

    Flora, I do need to post a picture and you will see how much of the design you see in Point D'Orgue. It is really amazing!
  7. I took some photos of my enamels.
    Enamel1.jpg Enamel2.jpg Enamel3.jpg
  8. :woohoo: All fabulous, great collection and great photos

    ...:heart: the Quadridge bangles
  9. Thank you papertiger, the quadridges are my favourite and the balcons are my second favourite.
  10. GORGEOUS!!

  11. Thank you Margie, you are so sweet. Great to see you around!
  12. Love!
    Do you wear them grouped, or do you stack them?

    Also - just a general question and sorry if this has been covered before - the older bangles have "made in Austria", but mine new ones are stamped "made in France". When did Hermes move production to France?

  13. So beautiful ! Enamels are so addictive.
    Thanks for sharing Suzie.
  14. love your enamels Suzie!!! so colourful